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Why live in Lagos

Posted by admin on September 12, 2020


Lagos is notorious for being the most popular city in Nigeria to live in. The metropolis, with densely populated areas and busy streets, takes home the crown of the city. Lagos is a world-class destination, the most spectacular city in Nigeria with beautiful beaches, skyscrapers, incredible parks, the best entertainment choices, most work opportunities, and so much more. Lagos has something for all to give. “The city is proud of its special experiences and suits the vibes of locals, widely known as” Lagosians” are what set the city apart.

Here are reasons why Lagos is an amazing city to live in:


Lagos is surrounded by bodies of water, so there are many scenic sandy beaches that are ideal for relaxation and picnics. Visitors from other cities and even from abroad can visit these beaches during their holidays, but whenever they want to have fun, particularly on weekends, the Lagosians visit them.

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Lagos is the largest economic base of Nigeria and the rest of the sub-region of West Africa. Many industries and companies in Nigeria are headquartered in Lagos. In Lagos, the chance to develop your career and rise to the pinnacle of your chosen profession is greater than in any other town in Nigeria or West Africa.

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Lagos is Nigeria ‘s main nerve center for economics and the rest of the sub-region of West Africa. In Nigeria, most companies and businesses have their headquarters in Lagos. In Lagos, the ability to develop your career and rise to the pinnacle of your chosen profession is greater than in any other city in Nigeria or West Africa.



There are many hotels in Lagos, ranging from hotels with five stars to budget hotels. You do not need to panic if your business partners, families or friends because there will be an acceptable hotel that would suit their class and taste.


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High house rent costs in Lagos have been over-hyped, but all agree that food in Lagos is cheap. Agricultural products are brought to Lagos from various parts of Nigeria, and all imported food into the country also passes through the port of Apapa in Lagos before going to different destinations. So, despite the city’s large population, as supply is higher than demand, food remains cheaper than in any other Nigerian city.


It has become one of the top global economic centers in Africa, with large foreign and domestic economies behind Lagos. You’ll find a huge population of people in the city from all over the world. In Nigeria, high net worth individuals and decision-makers live in Lagos, while in this town, multinational corporations have their branches. You’re a global citizen when you live in Lagos, in tune with the modern world.


Lagos has many attractions besides its stunning sandy beaches, including the Jhalobia Leisure Park and Gardens, the National Arts Theater, the history of Terra, and many more. If you live in Lagos, if you visit these incredible attractions, you need not pay an arm or a leg to tour this attraction.


If you have been thinking of moving your family to Lagos, you don’t have to worry about finding good schools for your children, as the city consists of good private and public primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the region. In Lagos, getting quality education for your kids is not a herculean task.



When you hear Lagos, three words, business, pleasures and traffic, come to mind. Leaving out the latter would be a gross injustice. The city is distinguished by its vigor and an atmosphere of inspiring strength. It is called the center of excellence, but Lagos, if the nation were human, would make up the entire circulatory system. This beautifully stunning dwelling has a way of seducing even the most passionate pessimist to believe that almost everything is possible.

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